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Adapted services At NettoieClean, it's simple and efficient, we have competitive packages and unique unbeatable prices. Over the years, NettoieClean has proven itself to be one of the top companies in housekeeping. Trust NettoieClean, The real enemies of destruction.

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At nettoieclean, we provide the best affordable prices in Greater Montreal.

COVID and disinfection with Nettoieclean

With the arrival of COVID-19, the deadliest pandemic of the decade, it is more important than ever to keep your environment clean and disinfected in order to stay healthy and maintain hygiene.

However, this is not enough because the virus can settle on any surface and infect anyone through human contact. In these conditions, we have learned that simply wearing masks and disinfecting is not enough and that it is essential to thoroughly clean regularly touched surfaces.

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Over the years, NettoieClean has proven itself to be among the top companies in cleaning services.

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